Lilliput Lane Cottages – a huge collection – SOLD

LilliputWell I’ve been rather quiet here on the blog for several months… but that does not mean I have not been busy at the auction business. We’ve listed and sold a large number of vintage golf clubs…. some dating back to the 1800′s. Most have been Hickory shaft clubs and all are in excellent condition. They come from a local gentleman who has one of the largest, and finest vintage golf collections in the country. And we have many more clubs to add, so keep an eye on our auctions!

Most recently I have acquired a collection of some 250 miniature cottages. The bulk of them come from Lilliput Lane however there are some from David Winter, Liberty Falls, Hawthorne and others. These items come from the estate of a gentleman who was quite fond of his collection and took excellent care of it. Most of the items are in pristine mint condition and most come in their original boxes. Some even still have the Certificate of Authenticity and the “Deed” that accompanied the original shipment.

As mentioned there are some 250 individual items so it will take us a while to get them all listed. Please be sure to bookmark our listings and visit often. If what you are looking for is not here today, it may well be tomorrow. And if there is something specific that you are wanting, let us know and we’ll see if it’s in the collection.

Oh, and did I mention, all of the auction items will start at or below $9.95…. with no reserve. You very well may get quite a bargain!

Vintage Dimple Golf Ball Mold Circa 1920s – SOLD

LilliputWe’ve listed golf ball molds before… and they are quite sought after. Today we have another one, circa 1920 that is in excellent condition. It does not have any markings inside the mold.. which would normally end up on the ball but it does have the word Attleboro on the outside of the mold. Our thinking is that this refers to Attleboro, Massachusetts where a number of golf ball manufacturers were known to exist.

The item is on eBay today for a seven day listing as item number 280568474074 and was listed at a very reasonable $95.00

If you or someone you know is a vintage golf item collector, you will surely want to take a look at this item and place a bit.