Griswold #5 Oval Roaster Dutch Oven Including Trivet SOLD

I’ve received a lot of interest in the subject oven.. which is currently running on eBay…. and I’ve received a few questions, so let me try to answer those here.

Q. What does the bottom of this beauty look like ???
A. The bottom is in my opinion in excellent condition… but I’m no Griswold or oven expert. So here is a picture of the bottom for you to decide. You will note that there is a very little bit of some white “stuff” on the bottom. My guess is that this item sat on a shelf that was painted white.. and when it was lifted off, some of the white paint stuck to the bottom of the oven. Strictly a guess.

Q. Does it sit flat without any side to side movement?
A. Without having looked again, I would have said “no”… but given the question, I picked the item up again and set it on my tile floor. Yes, there in fact is some side to side (handle to handle) movement. Apparently the bottom is not entirely flat, and thus it tilts a bit. There is a slight bit of front to back movement as well but this is very slight. There is no indication on the bottom of what is causing this.. it’s just not entirely flat I guess.

Q. Any repairs, cracks, pitting or rust on any of the three pieces?
A. There are no repairs that I can detect. I’m pretty confident in that answer. Pitting or rust? Hmmm, the trivet that sits inside the oven does show its age. Whether you’d call it pitting, I’m not sure. As to rust, again, perhaps a tad but certainly not significant. There is a brown coloration on the inside of the lid. The inside, as well as the overall oven, is well lubricated, oiled, greased – so I’m not sure if this brown spot is. It may be rust, or it may just be a discoloration. No where on the item would I say the item is “rusty”.

Again, please take a look at these additional pictures, and make your own determinations.

Each picture can be clicked for an even larger view.

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Griswold #5 Oval Roaster Dutch Oven Including Trivet

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