Busy Labor Day Weekend.. lots of new items!

While everyone else perhaps was at the beach or barbecue or whatever.. I was busy listing at eBay. We all have our favorite pastimes! LOL

The current set of listings starts with some beautiful Flow-Blue plates that are quite old, quite collectible and priced to sell. Have a look at this Delft Flow Blue Plate 9″ plate from Dunn Bennett Co with a lovely Windmill. There are several other Flow Blue plates listed as well.

If you are into antique kitchen appliances, have a look at this lovely Arcade Cast Iron Coffee Grinder. A real steel that won’t last long. Get your bid in early.

Are you looking for that great Canon SLR Camera? This EOS 40D Digital SLR Camera might be just the one you have always wanted. We priced it low so be sure to get your bid in and win it. And once you win the camera you’re going to want a 50mm Canon EF lens to go with it… along with a great Canon EFS 18-200mm lens. Both will be a great addition to your camera. Oh, you might want to shoot some shots in dark or poorly lit areas? This Canon Speedlite 580EX is just the right addition to this great camera and lens set. Buy them all and we’ll do special arrangements to save you on shipping.

From there we moved on to listing some 30+ vintage hickory shaft golf clubs from one of America’s greatest private collections. Take a look at this Hickory Braid Mills Putter from 1915.. and then look at all the other clubs we have on sale. Clearly one or more of them is right for YOUR collection!

Oh, and don’t forget this Pulsar Mens Stainless Steel Watch from PGA Middle Atlantic. It’s new and in the original box. Will look great on your wrist!

Remember Payne Stewart? Have a look at this great item.. I’ll not tell you more here.. have a look and be surprised.

Enough of Golf? How about a few Budweiser Holiday steins from the 1990s? We’ve got 4 of them, all priced to sell.. and all in excellent condition. Just in time for Octoberfest!

And while we are talking about beer… Surely you remember Billy Carter, the younger brother of our 39th President? Do you remember Billy Beer? Well we have listed not one but TWO six packs of Billy beer in the original cans, unopened and even in the original plastic six-pack holder. Now these are a true collectible!

OK, enough to wet your appetite? Come on over to our eBay sale site and have a look. One or more of these lovely items is surely for you!